SATURN: Sensor-sorting Automated Technology for advanced Recovery of Non-ferrous metals


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EU Eco Innovation Funding ProgrammeEU Eco Innovation Funding Programme

The SATURN project was successful in receiving a grant from the European Commission under the Eco Innovation Funding programme in 2008. The Eco Innovation demonstration project successfully ran for 33 months and officially ended in May 2012. All public results are available on this web site, however if you would like more information then please contact us at


The SATURN project focuses on the demonstration of enhanced recovery of non-ferrous metals from waste using sensor-based sorting technology. Starting in August 2009, a full scale demonstration plant has been installed in Salzgitter, Germany and has been in operation in October 2009. This innovative sensor sorting process will be tested and optimised under real market conditions evaluating waste from different EU countries. Final results will be given out at the final workshop to be held in Aachen, Germany on the 19th April 2012.


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NEW! Final results now available to the public

Final results were given out on the 19th April 2012 at the final Saturn workshop and have been published on this web site. These can be downloaded from the results pages or under individual pages.

SATURN demo plant SATURN demo plant

Video of the working sensor-sorting plant (English)

NEW! SATURN sensor-sorting plant video
This short video in English will show you how the plant works.
MPEG Video File [40.8 MB]

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